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Meet The Trend

Since the birth of The Trend we have done many things. We’ve interviewed companies, we’ve featured clothing, we’ve reviewed t-shirts and we’ve even dipped into the art and music industry at times. Today we bring to you a brand new series of articles geared towards meeting the people that inspire us to do what we do. The people who are the very definition for what The Trend supports and looks for in our searches of the Internet. The very essence of The Trend in and of itself sits in these types of people and what they have not only done, but are striving to continue to do.

Our first introduction comes from Lakeland Florida. Meet Rane Wade, the owner and founder of Rane Made Clothing. Seeing as Rane is the only employee at Rane Made, you could say it’s a small company. However, don’t let the size fool you. Rane Made is an urban based clothing company that specializes in custom, handmade dresses and shirts for women. Though after speaking with her, I can comfortably say that she’s fully capable of anything. Rane is a small, but fierce woman with light in her eyes and a desire to conquer. Which is exactly why we love her. Her story starts very similarly to a lot of success stories, incorporating all of the aspects even a good drama movie would find desirable.




Rane has been doing alterations for herself and her friends since high school. Sewing machines and fabrics are nothing new to her, but it wasn’t something she thought about pursuing as a career until much later. She ended up going to college and is now a proud graduate of Southeastern University’s Marketing Program at Though you could probably see how easy it would have been to apply her degree to a clothing company, she actually pursued work elsewhere for a short while. Our friend Rane quickly realized that she wasn’t doing what she felt like she should be doing at that job and eventually quit, but even that wasn’t the start of her soon to be success.

She filled her time working with her Pops in his pizza shop and picking up the odd job here and there, but she was after more. More can’t even describe the places she’s going now. She kept going after the daily grind; doing alteration jobs for a friend or acquaintance here and there, but it wasn’t enough to keep her financed alone. After a few months of being depressed and completely unmotivated, Rane stepped up and decided that she was finally sick of anything less than happiness. That very week she quit everything and decided that she wanted to take alterations to a whole new level; and thus Rane Made was born.




Rane started making custom designed dresses and kept up with the alterations as they came in. After hearing her entire story it was difficult not to ask: Why clothing? The answer I got was quite impressive. Working with clothing is not only something she’s good at, but she also feels like she can make a product that gives women the ability to wear something both comfortable and flattering. What would a newlywed be without her wedding dress?

The more she spoke, the more I realized that it wasn’t just her who was moving the Rane Made story forward; There’s a whole community behind her.


IATT – “What are the contributing factors to your current success?”

Rane – “Definitely my family and friends. I have an incredible support system behind me that I would never have been able to make it this far without.”

This got her talking more about the opportunities that she’s been presented with. From a part time workspace, to the incredible word of mouth she’s had spread across her local area, Rane Made has been pushed to a level that is practically forcing Rane to grow as a company. We here at The Trend think she’ll not only grow, but thrive.



So where is Rane Made going? What are Rane’s plans for 2016? Well, The Trend is excited to find out. This year Rane is looking to get into a permanent workspace, grow her clientele and who knows? Maybe hire some help.

We here at The Trend are very excited to see where she goes and we’ll definitely be keeping up with her.

You can too! Check out her instagram and store by following the links below!



*Interested in asking Rane a question? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll pass it on for you.*