How to Surprise, Delight and Keep Customers Coming Back For More

You’ve done it, a new customer has found your brand and has decided to pull out their credit card and make a purchase from your brand. I want to stress that being an indie clothing brand this is truly no easy feat as your competition is everywhere from big box retailers, to other indie brands to a consumer simply choosing to spend their hard earned dollars on something else, this means that you have to deliver high quality customer focus standards in order to obtain those customers. If you want to know if you’re doing a good job of taking care of your customers, then try customer feedback analytics. This helps you manage, measure, and improve customer experience.

What a customer expects at this point is exactly what they paid for, the t-shirt they selected. You could at this point simply fold up the tee, stuff it in an poly-mailer and ship it off hoping that the quality of the print and tee itself will turn that first time customer into a repeat customer, however what I suggest is taking action into your own hands to help increase the odds of this happening and here are some ideas to do just that.

Custom Packaging 

A great way to make sure your brand leaves an amazing first impression it to make sure your product arrives in style.This can be done in several creative ways from custom printed poly-mailers or customized box orders with your brand’s logo on it to a simple mailer that you have stenciled your logo onto.

The absolute bare minimum you should have is a poly-mailer with a printed label on it. If you’ve watched any episode of IAMTHETREND TV you know I HATE when brands handwrite the address label, it’s unprofessional, feels cheap and does not give a great first impression.

image-1 Innovative-Johnny-Cupcakes-Firecracker-T-Shirt-Consumer-Package-Design-Pictures


If you are looking for easy and cheap ways to print postage check out They make it dead simply to print postage and labels right from your computer on your inkjet or label printer.


Extra Goodies in the Package

Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s what’s in the inside that counts”?, well that’s true here as well. Your packaging doesn’t simply consist of the mailer that your product is sent in. Take things a step further and think about what types of goodies or freebies you could add into the package that a customer wouldn’t expect and wouldn’t leave a smile on their face.

Extras can be anything from stickers, pins, playing cards, wristbands, temporary tattoos, a Custom Windbreaker, or even chocolate coins. When I was running a beer pong inspired clothing line we’d throw a ping pong ball in with every order. Think about what makes sense for your brand but also be creative! It’s going the extra mile here that will help ensure your first time customers become repeat customers.



Chocolate Coins from Dream Gold

inky sweet drink coozie


Custom Drink Coozies from InkySweet


Make it Personal

Lastly, when you are first starting out make your package personal. Take a few seconds to include a hand written thank you to your customer. It’s these first customers that you will be relying on to help spread the word about your brand, so while taking the extra time to hand write something may be cumbersome I guarantee it will leave a great impression.

In conclusion, the brands that go the extra mile in all aspects of their business are the ones that typically succeed so take the time to think through how your brand can stand out amongst the competition.


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