21 Examples of Custom Hem and Neck Tags for Your Brand Inspiration

Hem tags and custom neck tags have always been one of my favorite pieces of detail and finishing that clothing brands use to help their brand stand out. Custom tags, feel like the icing on the cake and often add that extra level of finishing that can take a great t-shirt to the next level. While they can be viewed as an unnecessary cost, I’ve never not appreciated a brand who has gone the extra step and added custom hem tags to their garments and I’m sure I’m not alone.

If you’re a brand looking for inspiration into creating your own hem tags or are just a t-shirt junkie like myself that nerds out on this stuff, look no further.

The Iron Union

iron union tag

Deli Fresh Threads

deli fresh tag

Miles To Go

miles to go hem tag

Monster Trunk

monster truck tag


threadsmith tag


richkidcool tag

Pride & Honor Clothing

pride and honor hem


furfaceboy hem tag

Johnny Cupcakes

johnny cupcakes hem tag


ugmonk hem tag

Bluu Dreams

bluu dreams beck tag


closd hem tag

Epyon Royal — Neck Tag

epyon royal hem tag

Epyon Royal Hem Tag

epyon royal hem tag 2


COLUS hem tag


kill brand hem tag


capitl clothing hem tag


braco hem tag

Mayhem Supply

mayhem supply hem tag


dethkult hem tag

Sotare Clothing

sotare hem tag