Napkin Art

It’s always cool to see your favorite celebrities doing what they love, especially if you can see them doing that very thing outside of a professional environment. Think of seeing your favorite athlete play a casual pick up game, or your favorite musician go play a cover at a local open mic night somewhere.

Things you think about in a bar is that very same experience for Tim Burton fans. The Trend recently got a hold of one of these books and let me tell you, as a Tim Burton fan myself, this is simply brilliant. As Mr. Burton travels he often finds himself in places like restaurants or bars. While he’s there he just lets loose a pen to whatever he can find, in this case napkins, and allows himself to be inspired and just doodle some time away._82A5503a low res

Granted, as a Tim Burton fan, I’m personally a little bias. However, I’ve read through it easily 12 times in the last few days and simply love seeing his haunting yet comical art pieces in here.

The book can be found on and is only available in the US.TB_02