The hardest thing I have had to learn when starting Deli Fresh Threads

As most brand owners will tell you patience, sticking with the game plan, and budgeting are all hard and necessary things for everyone to learn when they start their business. I mean come on, when you start anything that you are passionate about you are excited of the endless possibilities. However, in most infant stages you have to learn that it is a long process and you have to build a foundation and a brand following and that all takes time.

Unless you have a lot of money saved to spend, you learn you have to budget your money buying merchandise and have to reinvest it back into your brand in order for it to grow.

All of the above mentioned are difficult things that all brands experience.  However, the hardest thing I’ve had to learn when starting Deli Fresh Threads is time management!

Time management is something I struggle with on a daily basis. I have difficulty finding ways spending my time in a productive efficient manner. I’ve tried scheduling time to do certain things. I am a To-Do list type person. I am a one person deli shop, so I do it all associated with Deli Fresh Threads. I don’t know what I would do if I was also the designer because that takes so much time as well. Working with designers and printers and keeping up with everything takes time and cuts into your pie of time. My best tip is whatever has worked for you- utilize it to help you find balance.

Along with trying to run Deli Fresh Threads, I work a full time corporate job, as well as, being a full time dad and husband. It makes it very difficult to juggle it all I get home from work around 6pm.

I’ve read what Kyle from Sugar Steak has done (Balancing your brand and your life) and I’ve tried to see what works.

I understand the adage- what you put into it, is what you get out of it. Which makes it that much more important to work smarter and efficiently when you have limited time.  Now I have to mix and match and I have to utilize the scheduling features on my blog, twitter, and Facebook.

Weekends and some late nights are my friends to find that extra time to do guest blog posts or schedule postings for Deli Fresh Threads. Instead of TV watching, its TV listening as I work on the computer or listen to music as I pack orders.

Some things that have helped me is scheduling. I try to schedule time every week to do certain task or give myself deadlines for those tasks. I use my phone to set alarms to remind me of meetings and to work on certain blog posts (like this one).

I also have several places that I save my thoughts and ideas. I use notebooks, my phones notes section, and also Evernote where I can keep my blog posts ideas in one place. I started putting my blog posts ideas in draft mode and started adding to them (links, pictures, additional ideas) as I had time.

I utilize hootsuite and tweetdeck to schedule twitter posts. I can’t always be on social media- but my messages should be. I’ve realized the more I share, the more interaction and people look at my site. I’ve read from Guy Kawasaki– to post the same message every 8 hr since it will get other people throughout the day to read it. I also read from Gary Vaynerchuck you need to give, give, give, before you ask– so make sure to provide substance in those messages in those tweets and posts and not just “buy my stuff”.

The hardest thing with all the of the things I have mentioned is finding the time to sit and do them. Do you have any suggestions or tips to share with the indie community about time management? Let me know tweet me at @DeliFreshThrds and leave a comment below.


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Anthony “Biggie” Bencomo lives in Orlando, FL and is the virtual deli shop owner of Deli Fresh Threads ( His love for sandwiches has lead him to start his own clothing brand and be in constant search for the best sandwiches.