Aliham Clothing Company

Founders Paul Neff and Gaetano Timperio, sharing a deep passion for personal style and clothing designs, sought to create a skate and surf lifestyle company that produced modern street wear and apparel basics. In 2014, Aliham Clothing Company was born. “We wanted to create a brand that not only held a strong personal connection with ourselves, but one which, too, carried a powerful and concise message to accompany it. We attempt to find consistency in each product we create. We aim to create each one with cleanliness, simplicity, and coolness. We only create products that we would ourselves buy, and it’s this desire to both produce and consume the best that divides us from companies which merely slap their logos on shirts. We take pride in our designs, culling ideas and inspirations from our everyday lives to incorporate into each of our products. We wish to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction that’s possible. and KickStarter is a great way to get us off the ground and in motion.”

Twitter: @alihamclothing

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