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pattonoswaltcoverPatton Oswalt
Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time
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The level of cynicism and sharp witted intelligence that Patton Oswalt exhibits through his comedy is equally as uproarious as it is disturbing.  The type of comedy where you’re not sure if you should wince or laugh til it hurts.  With his fifth comedy special / album, Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time shows Oswalt at his most vicious; older, more jaded, increased nightmarish parenting stories, and heavy handed sarcasm.

Opening up with a bit about self deprecating fat jokes, Oswalt strips away any possible notions of ego or pride, then just proceeds to sucker you in to the real punch line about obese pornography.  A nice intro to his set, getting you loose and ready to receive the hard throbbing remainder of his special.  “Florida” is the following bit that as a begrudging Floridian I can attest to the fact that he nails the criticism on the head, referring to the state is “america’s drooping descending in the humid heat nut sack”.

Moving from the bitter venom spit about Florida, Patton moves on into two bits about parenting that will leave you laughing and feeling like a horrible person all at the same time, regaling you with tales of playground Hunger Games, lack of life skills preparedness, and the intermingling of child television programming and horrifying adult movies.

The section in the very middle of the special may be the best in this little over an hour show.  Adorable racism, supermarket suicide, comparing Nickelback and Creed to dictators and rapists, it’s not just some of the best material on the special, but some of the best material he’s done in his career.  Anyone who’s spent any time watching Patton Oswalt’s specials or even his cameos in various television programs knows his delivery and style, so this special won’t throw you for a loop there, but what you will get is more of what you already love.  What he does though is prove to you why the two grammy nominations he has are 100% deserved and earned.

Track Listing:
01. My Fitness Future
02. Florida
03. I Am A Great Dad
04. I Am An Awful Dad
05. Adorable Racism
06. Creative Depression
07. Money and Pussy
08. Sellout
09. New Clothes
10. My Prostitute
11. Germany
12. Encore: Orudis Blampfortt


Oswalt at his most vicious Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time shows Oswalt at his most vicious; older, more jaded, increased nightmarish parenting stories, and heavy handed sarcasm.
Style & Structure75
Replay Value85


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