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Be your brand. It sounds simple. Doesn’t it? The fact of the matter, it is everything. You need to not only embrace your brand, but you need to eat, sleep, and breathe it. All day. Every day. Because if not you, then who?

There isn’t a day that I leave my house that I don’t have on at least one item on that is a part of The PinkNChewy T-Shirt Co. Even when I wear business suits, I am still wearing a PinkNChewy belt…and carrying stickers…and business cards…and discount cards…and and and…I think you get the idea. But YOU are the most important part of your brand. You are the main focal point. It all starts with you. You can Facebook promote, tweet, do any and all sorts of social media, but the end of the day, people will notice your brand because it is in front of them.

And if you don’t believe in your own product, then why would a potential customer want it or need it? It needs to be everything about you.  And you might be a fashionista with a closet filled with clothes, but you either need to learn how to make those clothes work around your brand or you might have a closet that is highly unused. It is uncanny how often people will stop me and go “What is that?” Which is the easy opening every person in this business needs when we are starting off.

The brand has to be an extension of you. If it isn’t, chances are, it will fail. This all starts with one person or partnership that needs to believe in what they are doing.  You need to believe in your brand. You need to convince people through your loyal support of your own products that you believe this is the next big thing. People will see that. People begin to believe when they see. Whether it is your attitude or your clothes, if they see you living your brand, then thoughts and perceptions of others begin to believe in what you are doing.

I have watched other start-ups: tech companies, clothing stores, restaurants. You notice the ones who are fully behind their brands and want success. At the same time, you notice the ones who half ass it. The tech companies that are already beginning another start-up while still dealing with their current companies, the clothing store owners who never wear the stuff they are selling in their own stores, the restaurants that have absentee owners …these are all telltale signs that this business might not be around in years to come.

And I’m not saying being your brand will end of the day make you successful, but it sure as hell will get you going in the right direction. This is your baby. This is your brand. If it isn’t everything you want in life, then maybe this isn’t for you. Be your brand.

I am The PinkNChewy T-Shirt Co.


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