Milk is an independent clothing company based in Lincoln UK which supplies printed garments and handmade accessories in limited numbers. Everything we produce is designed and finished in our home studio, the milk factory. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, unique design ideas, and the way we provide our customers with an experience which helps our brand stand out from the rest.

new line out now 3rd1

Milk has recently released their 3rd line including 4 crew necks sweatshirts, 1 hoodie, and a phone case.

Two of the crews feature our ‘Ornate Drop’ design which looks very traditional when seen from a distance, but when on close inspection you can see the overall design is made up of all things milk! Including; cows, spoons, milk bottle etc.

Our Script hood is a very comfortable garment which includes our custom cast milk bottle drawstring ends! This along with the red accents creates a really looking piece and a great talking point.

All of our garments have stepped up to custom finishing such as our care labels and bottle size tags.

hoodie teaser8 spill case2

  • Lemniscate Apparel

    Awesome stuff. I am particularly impressed with the details on the hoodie. They are fun and help tie back into the brand. Very clever and well thought out.