Entombed Release Wolverine Blues on 2×10″!

Where Left Hand Path and Clandestine helped define a genre and launch a “sound,” Wolverine Blues was the foundation that ENTOMBED laid down for a new style in extreme music altogether. Here we can hear the beginnings of what would be coined as Death & Roll. Forever influential and chock-full of that sought after guitar tone, Wolverine Blues is a must-have for anyone who considers themselves a fan of underground music. This classic album has been re-envisioned, pressed on blood red wax with black marbling and spread across two 10″ LPs, with side four being an etching of the now iconic Skull & Bones symbol. Inside the double gatefold jacket, there is also an array of bonus material, including: (1) the album lyrics, (2) a classic collage of photos from this era of ENTOMBED, and (3) a collectible 20″x20″ double-sided poster.
Limited to 500 copies worldwide, this Wolverine Blues double 10″ LP will disappear fast! Please visit CM Distro to purchase your copy: http://www.cmdistro.com/Search/entombed_wolverine_blues
Wolverine Blues track-listing:
Side A:
1. Eyemaster
2. Rotten Soil
3. Wolverine Blues
4. Demon
Side B:
1. Contempt
2. Full Of Hell
3. Blood Song
Side C:
1. Hollowman
2. Heaven’s Die
3. Out Of Hand
Side D:
Etching of “Skull & Bones” symbol (no audio)


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