My Favorite Hoodies

Most people have at least one or two hoodies in their closet as they prefer warm and comfortable clothes to buy in winter. It’s a great piece of clothing for when it gets cold. Here are two of my favorite hoodies, including my favorite Rasta Zip Up Hoodie, I wear these all the time.

Canvas 3939

What do I love the most about living in Florida? It doesn’t get that cold and I don’t have to battle the snow. But when the weather does start to drop and it gets into the 50s, you should always have that go-to lightweight jacket. For me, it’s the Canvas 3939 5.6oz Tri-blend Lightweight Hoodie. Tri-blend shirts are my favorite type of shirt to wear and this is basically a Tri-blend shirt turned into a hoodie. Yes it’s as thin as the shirts, super conferrable and keeps me warn without being too heavy. This is also the perfect hoodie to wear under another jacket and look like Leonard Hofstadter. View hoodie



Independent Trading Company EXP80PTZ

This hoodie is a beast and I really don’t get to wear it very often in Florida. I’d have to say, this is my go to hoodie when I’m travel during the winter. With 10oz 80% Polyester and 20% cotton and water-resistant, this thing keeps you warm! It has a removable Zip-Off Hood and thumbholes in the cuffs. Also has a MP3 holder and eyelets in the front picket. In addition to all the awesome features, this ITC hoodie has a great style. It definitely stands out and has a little more edge than your average hoodie. View hoodie

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 4.30.54 PM

So whats your favorite hoodies?


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    nice hoodies!