New IATT, Changes & Meet Nick

Welcome to the new IAMTHETREND!

Adam Hendle has been extremely busy doing great things over at and recently became a new dad. Between work and life in general, Adam hasn’t been able to update IAMTHETREND as frequently in the past year.

A few weeks ago I (Nick Roccanti) was chatting with Adam and got onto the topic of IAMTHETREND. In the end Adam asked if I would be interested in taking over the website and managing new content, which I agreed to. This doesn’t mean Adam will be completely gone. He hopes to continue to contribute during his free time.

My Goal with IAMTHETREND is to continue featuring different Clothing Companies and share my vast knowledge to help others start their own. I have been working in the T-Shirt business since 2005 and have built up a ton of knowledge that I would love to share with you. We are also working on bringing in new contributors who have been in this industry and love the same stuff we do.

Besides Clothing companies, we will continue to post other random stuff we find on the Internet and entertainment reviews/news of stuff we love.

One more piece of news we would like to share. For the time being, we have removed the $5 news submitting fee. So please feel free to send us stuff you think we should know about!

Any questions or comments? Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]


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Nick lives in Orlando, FL and has been involved in the t-shirt business since 2005. His day job is running the printing company Threadbird.

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  • Jorge Vieira

    great news! bring on some more details and secrets on printing!

  • Adrian Black

    Nick, I’m excited to see what the future brings for you and IATT! Sounds exciting!