COLUS Expand into Acrylic Jewelry

It’s fantastic to see when brands start branching out past tees and into other items. Such is the case with t-shirt brand COLUS. They have just released two new acrylic necklaces titled Rune and Flora. Both feature a long black chain and a oversized design that has been laser cut from acrylic plastic. They run for $20 and can be bought at

Recent research by Etsy’s resident trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson has shown that the appetite for acrylic on the online marketplace is heating up. On-site searches have increased 16% so far this year, while search results for ‘acrylic jewellery’ have yielded hundreds of thousands of results.

Not only an up-and-coming player in the realms of weddings and home decor, where the use of sheer acrylic in wedding invitations and table decorations have made it a must-watch wedding trend in 2018, acrylic is poised for crossover success in the world of accessories this season too.

‘With more than 108,000 results for “acrylic jewellery” on Etsy, ranging from oversized earrings to necklaces, virgo ring sellers and other signs are beyond ready to meet the growing demand,’ explains Dayna.

And it’s not just about the traditional take on acrylic jewellery, where the laser-cut shapes are bold and bright and come in every shape possible from glittery stegosauruses to sewing machines and even hamburgers. This year, however, we’re said to be after something a little bit simpler.

‘Shoppers are already embracing the clear concept, which offers colour-averse jewellery lovers a fresh new neutral,’ says Dayna. Think clear earrings with a fresh ombre finish or statement necklaces accented in copper and dangling with see-through charms – easy ways adding a hip edge to your big summer event dressing.

  • All the woman’s are very confuse when they want to match accessories. If you wear a black strapless dress with it you can wear a white bangles and also the necklace or earring is also white because the combination of black and whit is amazing.