Review: No Trigger – Tycoon

When a band takes a long time between the releases of two albums, it builds up much anticipation for what is to come. With certain artists, this wait leads to a group coming back stronger than they were before (I Am The Avalanche, Hit The Lights), while other groups prove that the time off has left them a little rusty (Blink-182). Luckily for No Trigger, who are almost five years removed from their debut full length, they fall in the former category, coming back as one of the strongest punk bands around with Tycoon.

Tycoon is chock-full of catchy choruses, classic punk rock musicianship, and vocals that mesh perfectly with said musicianship, provided by frontman Tom Rheault. From the opening guitar on “Maple Boy,” the listener knows what they are in for, as the track represents everything about Tycoon. “Dried Piss,” the first track released off Tycoon, is led by Rheault’s gruff voice, which sounds stronger than ever over song’s bridge.

The minute long “Windmill and Watertower” provides speedy musicianship, leading into Tycoon’s standout track “Checkmate.” “Checkmate” is No Trigger’s most anthemic song to date, as Rheault shouts “Say it like you mean it / I will not be defeated,” a line which is almost impossible to not sing along to.

“Insider (Executives / Amputees)” uses guitarists Jon Strader and Mike Pryzgoda’s talents perfectly, showcase the best guitar work on all of Tycoon. Starting with the slowest musicianship, “New Brains” leads into the necessary punk rock “whoahs.” While remaining one of the poppier songs on Tycoon, No Trigger prove that they don’t have to always pump out aggressive tunes.

No Trigger tops off Tycoon with the five and a half minute “Turn In My Throat.” Considering the songs length, and the genre of music the group plays, it is a pleasant surprise that the song doesn’t become dull or stale at the halfway mark, as Rheault keeps it interesting with his unique voice. It’s at the halfway point, when Rheault’s vocals are left over a sole guitar, that shows his true ability. Between that and the song’s subsequent guitar solo, No Trigger knew how they wanted to end off Tycoon, and they certainly succeeded.

Tycoon certainly won’t be for everyone. With little variation between each song, some may find the album to be stale. Even with such similarities, No Trigger doesn’t let the energy drop once throughout Tycoon. Come summer time, Tycoon will be the timeless punk rock records people are looking for, but just hadn’t discovered yet.


1. Maple Boy
2. Dried Piss
3. Windmill and Watertower
4. Checkmate
5. Department of the Interior
6. Mountaineer
7. Insider (Executive / Amputees)
8. New Brains
9. Permanent
10. Skyscrapers
11. Turn in My Throat

Rating: 8.5/10