Busting Six Common Storenvy Myths

As many of you know I started working for Storenvy back in October focusing on Community Management & Special Ops. Part of my job has been to help recruit as many new kick ass stores as possible. While on my quest I started seeing some recurring myths surrounding what is possible when using Storenvy as your storefront. People don’t realize just how awesome Storenvy really is. So rather than let these un-truths keep you from setting up an awesome store, I figured it was time to go myth busting!

MYTH: Since Storenvy is free it must be lacking some features.
FACT: Setting up and running a blog is free, so why should setting up a store be any different? We have all heard the saying “you get what you pay for” and while I usually agree with you, this is simply not the case with Storenvy. Storenvy is simple but powerful and even has a lot of features the other guys don’t have. Unlimited products, built in analytics, full customization, discount codes, easy order management, the ability to upload five images per product and a Facebook integrated store, consider this myth busted. Just because Storenvy doesn’t charge you, doesn’t mean that it’s not just as good or better than the other guys that are taking your money every month.

MYTH: Storenvy isn’t as customizable as ______.
FACT: Storenvy gives you the ability to completely customize the CSS, HTML and Javascript for your store giving you the opportunity to make your store truly your own. We absolutely love it when a store takes the reigns and completely redesigns their store.

Here are some great examples of storefronts that have taken it upon themselves to completely customize their storefront and even built their store directly into their existing website.





MYTH: Since Storenvy is free there must be a catch or trick.
FACT: No tricks here! We truly believe that opening a store should be free just like setting up a blog. Now of course, we have a few upgrades you can turn off, if you want (custom domains, advanced discount support, etc), but the basic store is totally free with no catch.

MYTH: Customers have to go through the Storenvy Marketplace to get to your store.
FACT: No way! You get your own URL where you can point your shoppers directly to your store. But don’t worry about having to promote all on your own. One of the best parts about Storenvy is that along with your individual storefront all of your products automatically get included in the Storenvy Marketplace. Having your items listed in a marketplace allows customers to find your store when they may have not known you existed if you were on your own. Having your products listed in the Marketplace is a huge bonus of having a store on Storenvy.

MYTH: I can’t use my own domain name.
FACT: Storenvy launched Custom Domain support last year! When you first sign up for a store by default your domain does include .storenvy.com. But if you choose, you can change it to your own .com, .org, .me or whatever other URL you’ve got. This a paid feature that will run you $5.00 a month but for brands looking for that cohesive look it is five bucks well spent.

MYTH: “Setting up a store is going to be hard, right?”
FACT: It doesn’t get any easier than Storenvy. Storenvy was created to make setting up a shop as simple, fun and human as possible. The truth of the matter is most people do not know how to write and customize HTML or CSS and we get that. Each Storenvy store comes with complete with tools to make uploading products and customizing the look of your store as easy as possible. With just a few clicks setting up and launching a store can be done in no time. If you really wanted to hustle through it you could have your store up and ready for taking orders in under ten minutes. No joke.

  • Ellie

    Great job, Adam! Everything u say is true!

  • Storenvy is nice, i was setting up a store on BC but i had to pay 10 bucks a month to have a good setup  and i dont know code so i rely on their tools, but for some reason Storenvy’s tools were easier because i got it done and its all free.

  • Hi Adam, I have followed this site for a long time, always reading your stories and videos. I am now in the process to start my own alternative brand and this info is really valuable at the moment. Tnx a lot for the big help.

  • Call777

    Hey Adam,
    I agree with what you said, so far Storenvy has been great and easy to set up.
    I have a question though, i know this isn’t you field, but is there any word about the variant pricing issue yet? (i.e. Same art print, one listing, 3 different sizes, 3 different prices).
    because in all honesty, it could get really messy having to list them all separately.


  • Hi there! 

    That is definitely an issue that we want to tackle. We have some big projects in the works but I am sure soon after we can get that done!

  • Call777

    Great, thanks for the reply.

    Looking forward .

  • StoreEnvy is great! I would love to use it, however the only problem i have is that i dont have the ability for people to order a custom t-shirt

  • JimmyDee

    I thought it was 500 products max, not unlimited?

  • Lindsay

    Two years ago and this option still isn’t available. Is this still attempting to be “tackled”? In all honestly this just won’t work for artists that are attempting to sell different sizes of the same print.

  • AMA Vinyl

    I’m having a hard time getting my domain to attach to my store 🙁 when I type in my URL it is still saying this store hasn’t been opened yet. Which it has; I’ve gone through ALL the Marketplace steps as well. I’ve sent an email to customer support, so hopefully by Monday afternoon my issues are resolved 🙂 I must also mention – I’m INCREDIBLY new to Storenvy; I have moved my store from Etsy to this new amazing and wonderful community! So I’m now slowly learning the ropes and picking up tips along the way!

  • AMA Vinyl

    Have you figured out a way to list multiple variants like you spoke of – same item just different sizes for different prices etc…I did see this post was 3+ years ago -_-