Troubled Coast – I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You

Hailing from the Bay Area, in California, Troubled Coast has started off the year with a bang in hardcore music. After two decent EPs and a passable full length, Letters, the group has proven their worth with their latest release, and first on Pure Noise Records, I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You. The EP features a traditional hardcore sound, while bringing many different elements into their vocal approaches.

I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You starts off with “Patient Hands,” an adequate introduction to Troubled Coast, for those unfamiliar with the band. The song shows off the band’s modern day hardcore sound, while also displaying the group’s clean vocals, an aspect that is not often used in like-sounding bands such as Defeater and Touché Amoré. “Patient Hands” also greatly benefits from guest vocals, courtesy of Matt Vincent (from labelmates The American Scene), whose voice adds a great contrast to the group’s harsh vocals. “I’m Still A Loner, Dottie” provides a more spoken, rather than screamed, approach to the vocals, while remaining heavy musically, a style that works greatly in Troubled Coast’s favor. On “La Jetee,” the clean vocals come across too forced. While Mile’s scream/yell sounds fantastic, and the opening bass line is one of the musical highlights on the EP, the track is by far the weakest link on I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You. The EP’s six minute closer, “The First Night of the New World,” expands on the spoken style of “I’m Still A Loner, Dottie,” overtop of the strongest musicianship the group has presented, to date, led by Troubled Coast’s powerful guitar work.

Fans of the latest wave of hardcore bands will surely find something to appreciate in Troubled Coast. Whether it is the aggressive musicianship or the desperate sound in the multiple voices heard on the EP, Troubled Coast has proven their place in their scene with this release. After I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You, it’s hard to deny that Troubled Coast will be one of the most talked about new comers in the hardcore scene this year.


1. Patient Hands
2. I’m Still A Loner, Dottie
3. La Jetee
4. The First Night of the New World

Rating: 7.5/10