Such Gold / A Loss For Words – Split review

When rumors were floating around earlier this year about a possible Such Gold and A Loss For Words split record, the pop punk community got collectively excited. As months went by, many were unsure as to if this split was still ago, but once it was officially announced in September, all these woes were put to rest. For a record that had much anticipation, neither band lets their listeners down.

The first half of the split is delivered by Such Gold. “Scoreboard” and “Backyard” continue with the sound that Such Gold has developed over the last few years, with their EPs and split record with Into It. Over It. “Scoreboard” is reminiscent of “Minstrels,” from the aforementioned split, but instead using sports as a reference to the music scene, instead of the royal hierarchy. The song employs everything one would expect from Such Gold: gang vocals, catchy chorus, background yells, and heartfelt lyrics. Everything is tighter on these two track than on any of the band’s past material, but the tracks ultimately fall short in comparison to those on their split from earlier this year.

A Loss From Words, still coming off the steam of their October release, No Sanctuary,” provide two tracks that show their importance in the current pop punk scene. Both songs are an extension of the vast improvements the group displayed on No Sanctuary, with Matty Arsenault’s vocals shining brighter than any other vocalist’s in their scene. Both songs demonstrate A Loss For Words’ catchy, nostalgic feeling greatly, with “America Needs a New Sweetheart” being the standout on the split. If A Loss for Words continues to write songs like those they released this year, the group is guaranteed to become one of the front runners in the pop punk scene, come this time next year.

Such Gold and A Loss For Words have created a split where both bands complement each other perfectly. A Loss For Words’ upbeat style contrasts with Such Gold’s hardcore influenced brand of pop punk in a way that few other splits demonstrate. With one band having released one of the best pop punk albums of 2011, and the other poised to do the same in 2012, these two groups are set to dominate the current wave of pop punk before 2013.

Side A (Such Gold):

Side B (A Loss For Words):
America Needs A New Sweetheart
Thomas vs. Luongo