5 Reasons Why Your Band Needs to be On Storenvy

Let’s face it, being in a band is hard work. From the struggles of promoting your music, booking gigs, growing a fan base, dealing with broken-down vans, equipment, relationships, etc about the only thing harder for a band is making money. To make matters worse everyone from club owners, record labels, merch companies and online storefronts taking their cut there can sometime be nothing left. Luckily Storenvy has stepped up to the plate to help bands sell their merchandise online, completely FREE. And yes we mean free. Hopefully putting a few more dollars in the pockets of hard working bands.

So why should your band have a Storenvy storefront?

1. Completely Customizable Storefront

Storenvy allows bands the ability to setup a completely customized storefront.  Immediately after signing up you have access to making your storefront look exactly how you want it to. From custom headers, background, colors, and fonts basically everything on you storefront can be changed to fit your brands image and look. For those of you with HMTL/CSS coding skills the sky is the limit as you can completely customize your site top to bottom. On the other hand, for those who don’t possess such skills or knowledge about coding yet, you can still quickly learn online. Just take note that before doing so, it’s best to read review first like the reviews of the best learning platforms in order to know which might suit you.

2. Quick and Painless Setup

Literally if you can check email you will be able to setup an online store in no time. When Storenvy was created the goal was to make setting up a custom store as quick and painless as humanly possible. With just a few clicks you can upload a picture of your band to the header, change the background color or image and just have fun messing around with all the color schemes that are possible. None of this requires any knowledge of how to setup a website or storefront.

3. Features

  • Unlimited amount of products
  • Up to five images per product
  • Incredibly easy inventory tracking
  • Friendly admin panel
  • Ability to offer discount codes to customers
  • Easily link to your Twitter & Facebook pages

4. Facebook Store

With just a few clicks you put a store right on your Facebook page! After all why make your fans work to buy your products, bring your products to where your fans already are! Setting up a storefront on your Facebook page has never been easier.

Storenvy also prides itself on being a “social marketplace”. When you sign up for a store your products are also automatically added to the Storenvy marketplace. 15% of all sales on Storenvy occur directly through customers browsing through all the awesome products and stores on the Storenvy Marketplace page. The result is even more possible customers checking out your band and of course your products. More eyes equals more sales!

5. Free!

All these features are great but what makes it a no-brainer for bands to use this is that the service is COMPLETELY FREE! Part of the beauty of Storenvy being free is that you can sign up and try it out without any risk!

Storenvy makes opening an online store as quick and painless as possible so you can get back to what’s important — melting faces.

Check out some bands that already have great stores on Storenvy:

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