URSHUZ Interchangeable Shoe Review on IAMTHETREND TV

URSHUZ is a company looking to change the way that we look at the modern day shoe. URSHUZ also believes that variety is the spice of life and that customers need to demand more from their kicks.

With both of those aspects in mind URSHUZ has developed the interchangeable shoe! With several different style tops and different color soles possibilities are truly endless.

In this episode of IAMTHETREND TV we get an up close and personal look at just how these revolutionary shoes work, look and feel.

Make sure to check them out at www.urshuz.com


  • Am the type of person that walks around with their shoes untied, maybe am lazy but i dont like sitting down and put my feet on their and then tie the shoelaces, i just stick my foot on the shoe and am out. That been said this shoe is my worst nightmare, but the cool factor is there. I will check them out.

  • I see. Now, I know the reason why many people are fond of buying shoes from URSHUZ.