Anchors Away! 60 Anchor Inspired T-Shirts & Designs

You might have noticed the recent increase in the use of anchors in t-shirt designs. You don’t have to look very far or hard to find an example. With their simplistic design and versatile symbolism, they can be used in a mix of different themes creating quite a few different styles.

Anchors make excellent designs for artwork and they have long been associated with tattoos. And as you know….tattoo art has a very big impact in the world of t-shirt design. As you’ll see in the designs we’ve found below, the anchor can be the centerpiece as much as it can be just a design element in a larger scene. Either way, anchors have come on strong as a trend in the t-shirt design world making it easy for us to compile a list of 60 tee designs featuring anchors in the artwork:

Charliegh Co Anchor Tee

Threadless Before The Ice Tee

Hero & Cape Anchor Tee

Latitude Anchor

Kr3w Anchor Tee

SeventhInk Into the Gallows

Aroose Anchor

Graniph Marine Life

Altru Apparel Love Boat

Pace Yourself Anchor Tee 1

Pace Yourself Anchor Tee 2

Graniph Anchor

Honour Over Glory Anchor Tee

Make Believe Anchor Tee

April 77 Rattle Anchor

Anker Unikat

Hyp Inc Guitar Anchor

Hyp Inc Sax Anchor

Autumn Collective Anchor Tee

Threadless Long Journey Anchor Tee

MySoti Shapeshifter Anchor Tee

Fine Art Shirts Anchor Tee

Design By Humans Neptune’s Realm

Flawd Clothing Anchor Tee

Brooklyn Industries Anchor Tee


Anchors Away Tee

Johnny Cupcakes Anchor Tee

Caribbean Pirates

HK Army Anchor

Worcester Anchors

JCLU Forever

CXXVI Anchor Tee

Anchor Brand

Anchors For My Soul

Bound To Existency

The Anchors

Anchors Aweigh

Jon McLaughlin Anchor Tee

Black Anchor

Your Hero Falling

Sailor’s Playmate

Anchor Skull


Man Overboard

Anchor Trophy

Sirens & Sailors

Set Sails Anchor

Anchor Rope

Idol Anchors

Mare Nostrum

Swellers Anchor

Heart and Key Anchor

Lighthouse Anchor


Compass Anchor Tee

Swellers Anchor Tee


This list was compiled by Blake from You Design It where you can design t-shirts online.

  • Rosie Tapping

    Awesome – though the Honour Over Glory ‘Anchors Aweigh’ t-shirt is on there three times!