170 Shirts for $15

I’m sure when that light bulb in a great apparel designer’s head goes off he or she must get it down on paper before he or she forgets it. That generally happens to anybody with a great idea and the worst thing is that when you think I wont forget the idea, you do. I’m positive all of us has kicked ourself for forgetting an awesome idea but what is a person to do? Sure you can just write it down on scrap paper but why not write it down on a t-shirt. No not that shirt you dropped $25 bucks for I’m talking about a t-shirt you want to write on.

Introducing the t-shirt sketchbook. Fully functional, fully creative, fully unforgettable. You get 170 shirts (pages) for $15 and the best part is you’re not getting shirts from a miserable sweatshop or some american company with a praverted owner and founder, you’re getting them from a dead tree. Completely harmless.

You can pick yours up HERE