Album Review: So Many Ways – So Many Ways

Chances are very high that you have never heard a band that sounds exactly like Chicago’s So Many Ways. Upon first listen, they may just sound like another hardcore/pop-punk cross over band in the same vein as Such Gold or early Four Year Strong. But if one were to listen to the group’s latest, self-titled EP, they would notice something all those bands don’t do. So Many Ways can shred like a metal band.

The release starts with a 38 second demonstration of So Many Ways’ metal influence. The first full track, “I’ve Made A Huge Mistake”, starts off sounding like a Such Gold track, but ends with a raging guitar solo, rarely ever seen in pop-punk. “Sleep Mask” runs a little lengthy for a song of the genre and due to this becomes boring halfway through the track. The band shows off their hardcore influence in “Murf’s Little Hints”. Coming in at under 2 minutes, the track is sure to get the crowd’s blood pumping and open up the pits. At points, the track even becomes reminiscent of label mates Bayonet.

“37 Chambers” does nothing to stand out on the album, but still remains an enjoyable track, mostly due to the band’s metal influence. Coming to its end, the EP’s strongest track “Oak Island” shows what this band is about. The vocals are strong, whether they are clean or gruff. The guitar work is impressive for a band of this genre, and being backed by the pounding drums just enhances the sound. All in all, this song best sums up So Many Ways. All their influences shine brightly, while not overpowering each other. The EP closes with “Dirtfoot”, another under 2 minute track that shows off their hardcore influence.

So Many Ways have really made something interesting with their self-titled EP. It’s both equally aggressive and catchy, while demonstrating influences that are not often present in either pop-punk or hardcore. There is a mass amount of appeal to So Many Ways, for many of different crowds. It would be no surprise if this group blows up in the near future.

So Many Ways is available now via Mightier Than Sword Records.


1. Take It To the Limit

2. I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

3. Sleep Mask

4. Murf’s Little Hints

5. 37 Chambers

6. Oak Island

7. Dirtfoot

For Fans Of: Kid Liberty, Such Gold, Four Year Strong

Rating: 7.5/10