IAMTHETREND Review of the DODOcase for iPad

Now many of you have probably have already seen or heard about the DODOcase as it has swept across the internet since it’s release last year. Or perhaps you may have even seen one of my tweets about the DODOcase, but for those of you that haven’t seen this work of art and craftsmanship felt it necessary to make a post to showcase it.

I have been rocking the standard Apple case since I bought my iPad, but after reading several articles and an itch to buy something new I felt it time to make the move. After pursuing through 7 different color choices for the DODOcase I decided to go with the red and made my purchase. One thing that I must point out that was confusing is on the front page of their website it says the iPad First Gen case is $49.95, but then you get to the page to buy it and the price is $59.95… not cool… Anyways I sucked my pride and entered my PayPal information. I opted for standard shipping since I was already a little leery of spending $60 on a case and to my surprise the case showed up within three days of my order! (shipping from San Francisco to Chicago)

After opening the box I was immediately impressed with how the case looked and felt. The craftsmanship on this case is truly a work of art as each case is assembled by hand by artisan bookbinders with the routed wood and book binding looking absolutely fantastic. My iPad fit extremely snugly and securely in the case and immediately I was struck on how awesome such a high tech piece of machinery looked right at home in something as organic as wood and book binding. Color me impressed.

In closing since I have received my DODOcase only a few days ago I have wanted to bring my iPad everywhere with me, it really just makes the iPad feel even more awesome that it already is. My only complaints about the case is that of course adds some extra weight to the iPad which gets a bit cumbersome after a extended period of holding it.

If you have an iPad or iPad2 I highly recommend dropping the money on one of these handcrafted cases as they are truly worth the $59.95. (Protip: You will be asked upon checkout if you want to send out a TWEET or Facebook message for an extra $5 off)

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The DODOcase is a case that not only protects your iPad from the elements it really adds to the look and feel of the iPad.