FLUD Watches Now On Jackthreads at 50% off or More

If your in the market for a brand new kick ass watch make sure you head on over to Jackthreads.com. Right now they have some killer watches from Flud on sale all of which are 50% or more! Ranging from $34.99 to $44.99 a piece. It’s not everyday you can pick up watches that retail for over $100 this cheap.

I ordered the “Exchange” watch and will post a review on it once I get it. Remember everything on Jackthreads is limited in stock and sales only last 3 days so hurry on over to JACKTHREADS to pick one these up. Looks like these watches start shipping Aug 29th, so the wait on these aren’t too bad either.

Jackthreads is an “invite only” only site, but never fear you as IATT has you covered, simply go HERE to sign up.