Sainthood Reps’ Monoculture Review

Upon first listen, it is extremely evident that Sainthood Reps’ new album Monoculture is not going to be for everyone. Filled with distorted vocals and guitar, it creates a unique sound that not many bands are doing these days. Due mostly to these aspects, some will praise the album, while others may say it is just a rehashing of Brand New’s Daisy.

Sainthood Reps show their strength on the heavier, harder sounding tracks such as “Monoculture” and “Animal Glue”. These two songs are the finest pieces you will find on Monoculture, and the latter is actually one of the most impressive songs this year. It’s vocalist Francesco Montesanto’s vocals that make those songs what they are, as he shows off how strong of a voice he has on the more “rock” sounding tracks.

It’s easy to see why many would praise Sainthood Reps for their slower, more atmospheric tracks like “reactor, reactor, reactor, REACTOR!” and “Hunter”, but for me it just brings down the energy. Sure the songs would be cool to listen while driving around late at night, but the can also be a downer if you are expecting more high energy songs like “No/Survival”. That’s not to say that these tracks aren’t great, because they are. But these are the songs that make this album less universally enjoyable.

As a whole album, Monoculture works. Out of context though, certain songs lack, while others shine brightly. Overall, Sainthood Reps have released an enjoyable album, but the timing for the release doesn’t feel right. Had this album been a mid to late Fall release, it atmosphere the album creates would have worked better with the weather, probably creating an all around more enjoyable listen.


1. Monoculture
3. Telemarketeer
4. Animal Glue
5. Hunter
6. No/Survival
7. Hotfoot
8. Holiday Makers
9. reactor, reactor, reactor, REACTOR!
10. Widow

Standout Tracks: Animal Glue, Monoculture, No/Survival

For Fans Of: Balance & Composure, Brand New – Daisy

Rating: 7.5/10