Hostage Calm 7″ Review

If you are unfamiliar with Hostage Calm, you might be thrown off with the release of their new 7″ on Run For Cover Records. Considering the bands label and the tours they have been on, one might easily think the band are another pop-punk band to come out of the recent resurgence. Sure the band has elements of both pop and punk, they certainly don’t sound like too much that is coming out nowadays.

The first of two songs, “War On A Feeling”, almost feels like two songs. The first two minutes are upbeat and fast, but in a poppy fashion. During the last minute, the song slows down and sound like a completely different track. The second half of the split, “Donna Lee”, is much more rock than pop. With an almost carnival sounding guitar riff at certain points, the track is definitely interesting.

Hostage Calm is unique vocally and musically. It’s great to see this kind of diversity the up and coming scene. This new single isn’t for everyone, and it definitely isn’t the right place to start off as a new listener, but there is definitely a great amount of appeal.

War On A Feeling / Donna Lee, out now on Run For Cover records, is available digitally via Bandcamp and iTunes.

Rating: 7.5/10

Track List:
1. War On. A Feeling
2. Donna Lee