Greeley Estates “The Death of Greeley Estates” Review

It’s fair to say that Greeley Estates has become a common name amongst the metalcore/post-hardcore scene. With 5 full length records under their belt, and almost 10 years as a band, it would be easy to understand if the band slipped up in quality. After the release of last years “No Rain, No Rainbow”, it’s fair to say that the band were trying to appeal to a different crowd. With an album filled to the brim with breakdowns and an overload of screaming, it sounded generic, not to mention the lack of Ryan Zimmerman’s distinctive clean vocals made it even less enjoyable. With all that taken into account, I had almost zero interest in their latest album, The Death Of Greeley Estates.

The first thing noticed on “The Death Of Greeley Estates” is the return of Zimmerman’s clean vocals. The album still contains the intensity of NR,NR, but brings back some of the creativity from Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East. Opening track “Straitjacket” may make the listener believe this is just another No Rain, No Rainbow, until the first glimpse of Zimmerman’s clean vocals being back. The album still contains some chugging breakdowns, but that comes with the genre in this day and age. But for every chug, there is something to save the song. Whether it be Zimmerman’s unique scream, his impressive clean vocals, or some sort of choir.

Tracks like “Mouth To Mouth” and “Bodies” show off Zimmerman’s rediscovered clean vocals the best, and are some of the prime cuts from the album. “The Postman” is the longest track on the album, coming in at almost 5 minutes long. While it does drag on, all is forgiven during the midpoint in which Zimmerman’s vocals are displayed over an interesting bit of programming, which comes off as one of the highlights on the whole album. The album’s closer “December” is a slow and somber track, lead by guitarists Brandon Hackenson and David Ludlow, accompanied by Zimmerman’s sung vocals. The song builds up, but never breaks out into angry wrath of screaming and banging drums. While that might disappoint some, I find it leads to one of the best, if not the best, song in Greeley Estates’ career.

Sure the album has it’s slip-ups. Some songs in the middle section of the album blend together and the two interludes don’t serve much purpose (Repaired is just a minute of static). But on The Death Of Greeley Estates, the good out ways the bad. With so many strong points, the downfalls almost disappear after a few listens. With the black spot on their career that was No Rain, No Rainbow, it’s great to see Greeley Estates back on their feet. Let’s just hope their album title is not an indication of the group’s future.


1. Straitjacket
2. The Last Dance
3. Friendly Neighborhood Visit
4. Bodies
5. The Medic
6. A Thousand Burning Forests
7. Broken (Interlude)
8. Leave The Light On
9. Circle The Wagons
10. The Reaction
11. Tonight
12. The Postman
13. Mouth To Mouth
14. Repaired (Interlude)
15. December

Standout Tracks: Bodies, December

For Fans Of: Blessthefall, Bring Me The Horizon – There Is A Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let’s Keep It A Secret, turning your career around.

Rating: 8/10

  • Brandon Hrywkiw

    I couldn’t find a way to incorporate this into the review, but this reminds me of how Silverstein came back from Arrivals & Departures with A Shipwreck In The Sand.

  • Thirdtime

    No Rain No Rainbow was a PHENOMENAL album….

  • Brandon Hrywkiw

    I just wasn’t feeling it after Go West.  It just felt generic and emotionless. This is by far the best album they have released since Far From the Lies.