This Might Be The Coolest T-Shirt Packaging I Have Ever Seen!

Running IAMTHETREND.COM I have seen everything indie clothing packaging come in from VHS containers, tubes, bakery boxes, spray paint cans, printed poly mailers, pizza boxes and more but I have never seen anything quite like this.

Indie t-shirt line Cultera has taken the Transformer route when it comes to packaging. Not only does their packaging look cool when it is sent it is dual purpose as it transforms into a hanger! Genius!

You can watch a short video of how the package transforms from ordinary box to shirt hanger with ease. While Im not sure how long the hanger will hold up over time, but you really have to tip your cap to these guys when it comes to creativity.

You can check out Cultera at

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the sharing the video. This is absolutely amazing work. I feel that one can save great amount of space using such packaging technique and hence save good money on shipment as well.
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  • Mrmanux

    Sorry, those who sell that box .. where can I find ..