Pentimento “Wrecked” Review

Pentimento are not changing the genre with their newest EP, Wrecked. But they are making it known that they have it in them to be at the top of their genre. Wrecked combines impressive vocals, including the occasional yell/scream, and semi-aggressive music that would make for the perfect basement show. But it’s not all fast and agressive. The standout track, “Maybe, Just Maybe”, shows that the band can also do a quieter and calm sound as well. During this “down time”, lead vocalist/guitarist Jerry P. shows off his great vocals. Though his vocals may sound like something that you have already heard, there is still a distinct quality to his voice.

Songs like “Isn’t It Obvious” and “Words With Friends” show off Pentimento’s agreesive-yet-catchy sound the best, proving to be the better moments on Wrecked. There really is no bad song on the EP, just certain songs that shine brighter. The opening track “The Rule Of Attraction” is the best example. It is no doubt a quality song, but it’s not as hard a hit as the former mentioned tracks.

Overall, Wrecked will set Pentimento up with a nice spot in the scene. Hearing the diversity in certain songs will make fans anxious to hear the band release a full length album (myself included). If you’re looking for something game changing, or something you have never heard before, Wrecked is not a great place to look. But if you are looking for music you love done well by some newcomers, take a listen to Pentimento.

Wrecked is availble now via Panic Records.


1. The Rules Of Attraction
2. Walking Calmly In Your Wake
3. Words With Friends
4. Everything’s Eventual
5. Maybe, Just Maybe
6. Isn’t It Obvious

For Fans Of: Make Do and Mend, Transit’s This Will Not Define Us

Rating: 7/10