Shirt Attack 24 Hour Sale List! Over 60 Indie Clothing Lines With HUGE Discounts!

Welcome to the 24 Hour SHIRT ATTACK LIST! The only place where lovers of awesome t-shirts and Shark Week can unite in one place! The Shirt Attack list is comprised of over 50 indie clothing lines offering some killer discounts that you can only find for 24 HOURS! There are tees on this list as low as $5, so if you are a bargain shopper make sure you take a look around at all the brands!

Also huge thanks to Storenvy for helping contribute to this list! If you are in the market for a completely FREE online shopping cart to sell your products make sure to check out

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Shrimp Sauce Clothing

Kill Hubris Clothing

Sugar Steak Apparel

Wonderful Life Clothing

Labyrinth Clothing

Valley Clothing

Colus Havenga

Vicious History

Pong Deck

La Muerta

Swallows and Daggers

Crywolf Clothing

Yema Yema

Viral Ink


Time to Panic CLothing

Tensionwire clothing

Seventh INk

Propaganda Limited Clothing

Loud Silence Clothing

Snakes and Suits

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  • Excellent list, glad to be a part of it!

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    Dammit!!! I wish it was a Friday. I want more than  couple of them….dammit…Friday is payday…what’s up with the midweek sale Adam??…Lol oh well…back to work

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    You weren’t kidding. Huge sale.

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  • Thank you as always for providing such a good source of promotion for all of us indie brands.  Appreciate it greatly Adam!

    One day all of us indie brands should organize an Adam Appreciation Day haha


  • Thanks for sharing this great list.   So many nice looking tees to choose from!