Last Call’s, Stay On The Outside EP Review

Over the last year or so, the size of the pop-punk scene has grown immensely. One of the many new bands to the scene is Last Call. The groups second release, Stay On The Outside (due out August 2nd) on Mightier Than Sword records is definitely impressive for a genre that is slowly becoming very watered down.

The opening track, “Long Distance”, demonstrates exactly what the release is. This is another release in the new wave of pop-punk, but it is done very well. “Long Distance” is followed by the minute-and-a-half “Keyholes”, which unfortunately isn’t as fast as some pop-punk fans might expect of such a fast song. The use of gang vocals shouting the album’s title, “Stay on the outside”, in “Disconnected” makes the song the most fun to listen to, and is probably even more fun live. The EP closes with “It’s Like This Place Isn’t Even Real” and it really one of the highlights of this release. As vocalist Austin Jeffers belts out “I’ve been confused since I was born / another year stuck at 24 / and it’s easy to see that I’m simply lost in all the things I used to mourn”, you can hear a great amount of passion in his voice.

With stellar releases this year by The Wonder Years, Fireworks, and The Story So Far, it’s easy to see how this release could get looked over. Last Call’s newest EP is worth a listen if you are into the pop-punk scene, but it definitely won’t pull in many fans who aren’t into the modern wave of pop-punk.

Standout Tracks: Disconnected, It’s Like This Place Isn’t Even Real

Rating: 3.5/5