XCVB Release Three New Tees

When I last wrote about XCVB it was on the release of one of their more disturbing designs called Eye Spy, which honestly I really dug. Well XCVB are back with three new tees all of which this time are a little more toned down, but equally as awesome.

Out of the new bunch I am loving The Indians design. It features a very nicely illustrated Indian along side some simple vertices lines. The combination of the two looks absolutely awesome in both black and red ink. TIIIGER is also another very well executed and wearbale design available with either purple, grey or black ink all on a white tee. The third design titled “Sailor Stripes” is decent but for me no where near the first two.

All tees are out now for the price of £25 or $41 at www.xcvb.co.uk