Design My Chemical Romance’s Next T-Shirt & Help Support Make-A-Wish

MASScanvas has teamed up with My Chemical Romance to put together a pretty awesome t-shirt design competition which not only rewards the artist but gives back to those in need. Here’s the details:

Step 1.
Designers: Learn what you need to know to get started by clicking ‘Submit your design‘. You have until July 22nd to get your submissions in!

Fans: Let designers (and the band) know what you like, if you’d wear it as a Tee, and how you think it could be even better. The band will pick the 5 winners based on your input!
Everyone: Follow MASScanvas on Facebook to be notified of special MCR giveaways throughout the contest.

Step 2.
When voting starts, get all your friends to vote for your favorite design, especially if it’s yours.

Step 3.
The band will announce 5 winners on 08/18/11. Each winner will receive $1,000 and have their design sold as a limited-edition T-shirt with proceeds benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

In-progress designs and qualified contest entries will on display HERE

You can also check out a video of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance introducing the contest HERE

Further Details:

– The band will pick the ultimate 5 winners based on the top 20 designs from the public vote.

– The 5 winners will be announced via video by the band on or around August 18th.

– Only these top 5 designs will be printed and sold in highly limited editions at

– The 5 winners will each receive $1,000, and the top seller will receive an additional $1,500.

– For every winning T-shirt sold at the end of this contest, MASScanvas will donate $2 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

– It only takes $7,500 to grant one child’s wish, and the ultimate goal is to grant as many as possible.

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