10 Best Cities for Indie Merchants, Part 1

Storenvy, have been kicking a lot of ass lately rolling out new features such as custom domain names and writing some really solid articles. The latest article examines which are the best towns/cities in the United Stes for Indie Merchants.

Janette does a really nice job breaking down stats, listing some reputable indie stores in each town and overall giving some really nice insight. As of now the list is only comprised of the cities 10 through 6, with the top 5 cities rolling out soon!

So far the list is:
10. Kansas City
9. Atlanta
8. Austin
7. Miami
6. Seattle

My guess at the top 5: Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Cleveland, Los Angeles (in no particular order)

Make sure to check out the article on Storenvy’s blog HERE

  • msabas

    It’s nice to see a Texas city on there.