IAMTHETREND TV: Kill Hubris T Shirt Review

In this episode of IAMTHETREND TV, we take a look at new indie clothing brand Kill Hubris and some of their recently released tees. Tees featured some really nice finishing touches such as woven hem tags and custom screen printed inner tag, but how did it measure up against the 4 P’s of tees?!

Check them out at: www.killhubris.com and use coupon code IATT for 20% off your purchase!

  • Kromaqee

    That KH logo is simple and dope

  • Sam from KH

    Thanks for taking the time to review us Adam!  We print on the Authentic Pigment 1969 shirt, which is 100% cotton and about a 5.5 oz weight.

  • Sam from KH

    And shout out to Kromaqee too! We appreciate the kind words!

  • JaredTTG

    Logo design is simple as so effective, i love the use of negative space in the KH logo. Even rock the design myself, nice fit t-shirt aswell.
    Would have to agree about top end with the price at 25.