How to Launch a T-Shirt Line in Less Than a Day

Jeff Finley, of Go Media has been on absolute tear lately helping brands, artists and creative types over come their fears of launching a brand and also helping answer some of the most common questions people have when launching a clothing line.

His latest effort is a video tutorial called How to Launch A T-Shirt Line in Less Than a Day. You can watch a preview of the video above and if interested check out the full video tutorial on The tutorial is currently priced at $49.99. If yet to see the tutorial but I imagine if it’s on the same level as Threads Not Dead it is an invaluable resource.

I have not had a chance to buy and check it out yet, but if anyone buys the tutorial please leave some comments below as to how it was, as this is quite the claim and I’m interested!

Also remember you can pick up the Threads Not Dead e-book for 20% off by going HERE and using coupon code IATT20.

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  • Johnnypomplas

    im confident my art ability is good enough to start a t shirt buisness, however im coinfused on were to start?…..i have a few catchy trendy ideas as well… to to share ideas,,,,,