Lion Caster Release Very Creative “Look Book” Video

New indie clothing line, Lion Caster is gearing up for their initial release titled “The Eye of the Day” on June 20th. The brand is centrally themed around the idea of a post apocalyptic society. The tees and brand itself tells the story of a man named “Lion Caster” and his journey throughout the new world.

Each tee comes with a hang tag that explains the story further and also a letter from a character named “Haberdasher” whom owns a trading post that sells the tees.

Overall seems like a really cool and unique concept, one of which I am truly excited to see come to life. As a teaser to the initial line, Lion Caster has put together a video showing the “Lion Caster” and his travels, while also creating a very cool and interesting look book.

Check out the video above and make sure to visit for details on the new line.