WMC Fest and GoMedia Need Your Help!

With the second annual Weapons of Mass Creation Fest coming up quickly (June11-12), GoMedia are trying to rally the troops to help sponsor the festival. They have just launched a Kickstarter page that allows you to pledge anywhere from $1 to $2500. They are offering several levels and rewards for pledges given.

For those of you not familar with WMC Fest or looking for more in-depth information you can check out my previous breakdown HERE or visit the WMC FEST official page HERE.

Some examples of pledge levels and rewards given are as follows:

Show your support and actively help out a good cause. Name listed on “backers” page on wmcfest.com

Everything above plus 1 Weekend Pass to WMC Fest and WMC t-shirt, buttons, and stickers.

Everything above plus the a copy of Jeff Finley’s ebook “Thread’s Not Dead” and an additional weekend pass to WMC Fest for a friend. We’ll also promote you to our Facebook and Twitter followers. Labeled a “bronze backer”.

or be a total stud and go the high-roller route:

Everything above plus Backstage Access and the “Go Media Experience” which includes 5 hours of design work and brand consulting from Go Media. We’ll even add in the “Declaration Collection” which includes up to 5 shirts of your choice from Declaration1776.com. You’ll also be labeled a “super backer” with an ad banner and logo placement on wmcfest.com.

LIMITED REWARD 1 of 1 remaining
Everything above plus the “Ultimate Go Media Experience” which includes 10 hours of design work and brand consulting from Go Media and an interview/feature with you on GoMediaZine.com. We’ll even add in 2 days of audio recording with Bad Racket studios.

Make sure to check out the KICKSTARTER page HERE and help a great cause in the indie and art world!

  • It’s also important to note that no money is taken out of your account until we reach our funding goal. If we don’t reach it, you don’t pay!