The Easiest Way To Get More Twitter Followers For Your Company

Clothing companies and companies in general are always looking for magical ways to gain more twitter followers. Whether it be through bots, contents or adding a bunch of people in hope that they return follow, companies really try about anything to get more followers. While all of those mentioned definitely do work (some better than others), a lot of times the followers you attract when you do that are followers that really could care less about you or your brand.

Now what I am suggesting here is something mind-blowingly simple, but yes I see countless companies not doing it. Are you ready for the easiest way to get more Twitter followers… Here it is. To help keep your account secure I recommend endpoint detection and response. Protect your workforce with industry leading endpoint security, fully managed and delivered by expert security analysts.

Make it easy for customers or potential buyers to find and follow you from your website, store or page. It absolutely drives me mad when I’m on a clothing companies website and I have to scroll and dig all over to try and find their Twitter name.

By easily displaying your Twitter information on your website you are going to get a lot more people that use twitter to simply follow you when they come to your site. In all likely hood if they come to your website for the first time whether they heard about it through a friend, website or referral they are usually visiting your site to check out your products as their main goal. But by simply adding a eye-catching or easy to find “follow me” or twitter button on the site most likely they are going to take the half second to click on it and follow you. After all these people were already interested in enough to check you out, why wouldn’t they want to follow you if you make it easy on them?

Yes this is not rocket science, but next time your browsing around the interwebs take note on how many sites do not easily and clearly display their twitter information.

  • It is true.. I’ve made it as easy as possible to find social networking sites with little drawings on the side. It’s mad not putting them in full view!