Runnur-Field Test

There comes a time every day when I need two hands free but one hand is preoccupied. And it happens to be that the most notorious instigators of such nefarious activity are, my cell phone, ipod, a bottle of water, keys, money, or a mere pen. Anyway, you get my drift, life is hard walking around on two legs!

Enter the RUNNUR, a utility pouch with such supporting slogans such as, “Made For Movement” & “Wear It Everywhere!” Don’t be fooled by the name, this product is not designed for running, just movement. (Ba-dump-bump) It keeps your hands free and gives quick access to those things I mentioned earlier, including; a harmonica and a mini globe. It will also accommodate a 16 oz. bottle but I don’t recommend a 20 oz. bottle.

To learn more about the capabilities of this product, I decided to push the envelope and give it a running & tree-climbing test. The running portion didn’t go too bad and I was able to make it up the tree, but when changing direction the Runnur swings. And it swings forward when you are bending at the waist to grab something from the ground. This requires an adjustment when you raise back upright. Not too bad.
The Runnur gets you there and wearing one is like being born with extra hands.

Field Test Scores:
Style-5 It’s pretty hip looking.
Function-4 Secure storage, easy access..Forward swing is a bit annoying, Sunglass pocket is a little small. Maybe it just needs to be broken in.
Convenience-5 Quick access to everything and I can hang this when not in use. It frees up your hands for other maneuvers.
Overall A+

Cost is around $39 but you can find a deal if you look.

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