Three Reasons Every T-Shirt Company Should Make Stickers

Let’s face it, everybody loves stickers. People slap them on everything: cars, laptops, iPods, skateboards,
snowboards, music equipment, signs, and numerous places and objects where stickers really don’t
belong. Anyway, you get the point, stickers are everywhere! But I can’t tell you how many times I
have been checking out up-and-coming indie brands that have yet to get some of these bad boys
made. Why? I honestly don’t understand why as a t-shirt company you are neglecting the coolest swag
item you can offer. It’s like selling bread without the slices, nobody wants that. When I started Sugar
Steak Apparel
I had decals made months before I even had my first t-shirt printed, because it gave me
something tangible I could get into people’s hands to create brand awareness and build hype before I
had everything else ready to go.

1) Stickers Advertise

Have you ever been sitting in class looking at the stickers on the back of someone’s laptop instead of
paying attention to how a cell divides via the process of mitosis? Or have you ever slowed down on the
freeway to see what the sticker on someone’s car said? If you haven’t done either of these then you’re
either a liar, never been to school, or don’t own a car or driver’s license. The point is, stickers advertise.
You can’t see the shirt someone is wearing when they drive, but you can see the stickers on their car.
And if you create a cool enough decal and someone really loves your brand, trust me, they will put
stickers on a lot of what they own.

2) Stickers Are Cheap

Compared to the other costs you are going to incur running your brand, stickers are the least of your
worries. Pricing is all going to depend on who you use, sizes you print, number of colors, die-cut or
shape-cut, etc… But nonetheless these will be some of the cheapest items you make and as an indie
brand money is always a concern. So make what you can, don’t be worried about printing quantities of
5000 like you see in quotes, because honestly that’s a sh*t ton of stickers and even the most successful
brands aren’t blowing through that many anytime soon.

3) Stickers Are Just Plain Dope

Like I mentioned earlier, EVERYBODY LOVES STICKERS! People love getting free items along with the tees
they order and a lot of people have actually grown accustom to it. I seriously get kind of bummed when
I spend $25 on a tee plus shipping and all I get is the tee. Sad, but true. So even if you only make stickers
to toss in free with orders, that’s still a solid reason to make some. I also use stickers as something free
to handout to people I personally know. You know like your friends, family, people that think they’re
your friends, etc… Everybody wants free stuff when you own a clothing line, and stickers are easy and
cheap to handout. So if you’re not offering stickers with your brand yet, get on it!

  • I agree! I have all kinds of stickers printed out and I hand them out all the time. I run little contests on our Facebook page and people love it. Great advice =)

  • SERIOUSLY GREAT ADVICE! I through them in my packaging and one of the number one things I hear back is how surprised and excited they are to have the sticker and not just the shirt. In today’s challenging world of clothing lines you got to do a little extra to get anywhere.

  • diddly doo

    Yeah but where’s a cheap place to get the fuckers made?

  • I have been trying to figure out where to get some printed! Any advice guys?!