Threads Not Dead Ebook “Essential Guide For Dominating The T-Shirt Design Biz”

Artists extrodianare and mastermind at GoMedia, Jeff Finley has been on a mission for the past couple of months. That mission is to create the best and most informative guide for dominating the t-shirt design world. If you are a an artist/designer you are of course know that Jeff and GoMedia put out nothing but top-notch quality work and this e-book is no exception.

I actually had the pleasure of contributing to the book offering some insight and advice from a bloggers perspective. But if that is not good enough for you heavy hitters such as Jeffery Kalmikoff (former CCO of Threadless), Matt Wigham (owner BigCartel, Emptees), Justin Kamerer (aka Angryblue), Rob Dobi, Mark Capicotto (owner of Glamour Kills), Richard Minino (aka Horsebites) and about 15 other contributors grace the pages of this incredible resource!

The book is out now for $49.95 HERE so make sure to pick one up!

For a limited time you can also download the first chapter for FREE by visiting and hitting their tweet button!

Pick up this amazing resource HERE

  • Thanks for the nice write up! FYI, your last two links don’t work.

  • fixed!!!! ooops!

  • Gustavo Urena

    Thanks Adam I will check it out.

  • Anonymous

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