Chirply Making Greeting Cards Awesome

One of my least favorite things to do is shop for cards, whether it be Birthday, Christmas, Get Well, Anniversary, Etc. Lets face it most cards just plain suck! From cheesy vector art images, to lame overused lines, the standard greeting card just doesn’t cut it.

Enter new company, CHIRPLY.

Think of Chirply as Threadless for greeting cards and eventually wrapping paper and notebooks. Artists can submit designs to the site in which the community votes on their favorites, and favorites get printed!

So far the site contains designs by heavy hitters such as Mr. Gauky, Derek Deal, Greg Abbott, Ian Leino, and many more!

Cards run a very fair price of $4.00 and come standard with FREE SHIPPING!

I will definitely have my eye on these guys next time I need to pick up a greeting card! You can check out all their designs at:

  • Anonymous

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