Our Interview With Indie Clothing Upstarts Flower Children

Flower Children are a clothing company that have literally come out of left field and impressed me. I have written about them a few times before on the site, but decided to get some more insight on this Montreal based company.

Credentials first, Name, Age, Location and favorite tv show

Jerome Gagnon, I’m 21, I live in Montreal, Quebec. I’ll go with Arrested Development because I can’t stop thinking of Gob’s best quotes lately!

Can you start out by giving us a bit of background on Flower Children and why you decided to launch a clothing company?

I know this may sound very common, but I wanted to use clothing as a mean of communication. I’ve always loved buying good looking tees and choosing them according to my personality and feelings at that moment. Two years ago, when I started thinking about this brand, I had little experience with the t-shirts industry but I’ve really felt and imagined the potential of it. So I decided to found a company which would give me the chance to express my artistic vision to the world. To own a clothing company is the perfect balance between art and business in my opinion!

The name Flower Children immediately brings to mind images of tie dye, peace signs, and basically anything hippie. What was the thought behind using that name and how does it tie into the “hippie” culture?

Basically, I wanted to create something that would go beyond shirt designs only. I wanted to create a story and express myself as an artist through the concepts of every piece we’d do. Flower Children was just the perfect name for that story.

Eventually, we want to create a whole new branding before the end of the year. Hopefully, we’ll be able to change our company’s image, refine the general concept of the line and gradually dissociate ourselves from any visual ”hippie” reference.

I was blown away with your website and imagery. How did you come up with the concept behind the website and whom designed it for you?

The website design and development was a huge project we’ve been working on for 6 months prior to the launch. The talented guys at The Black Axe have been totally killing it. We really wanted to create an immersive and unusual experience for the user. At that time, designer and illustrator Derek Deal was still part of the Axe so we asked him for a complete illustrated website design to suit our first line aesthetic.

We came up with the concept while creating the ”Nenuphar’s Territory” shirt design. After their journey, the characters were supposed to discover the imaginary Flower Children world in an animated introduction. A last minute decision was made to remove the introduction from the website to enhance performances. Nonetheless, the design is still very impressive and unique!

I really love how you guys have come out of the gates blazing with great looking tees, photos and website. What was it like preparing for the initial launch of Flower Children and how long did it take to put together?

Preparing that first release definitely took a lot of thought. I’ve been doing pretty much everything by myself but had some help from friends from time to time. It took almost two years to put together and the brand evolved a lot during that lapse of time. There are a couple designs we decided not to print, even a complete website we never released. Some mistaken decisions I did at first taught me a lot of things in the end. Oh and I’d like to say a special thanks to Etienne Dufresne who did a wonderful job on the photos!

Where do you see Flower Children going as a brand and what is your ultimate goal for the company?

This brand is the most beautiful wearable thing on Earth to me. I’d love to see people wearing these colors all over the world. I think they must know this exists, whether they like it or not. My ultimate goal is to create something timeless and to be part of the cultural development. Music and clothing always have been very close. Check out Custom Ties and see some of their work, MyCustonNeckt have made for customers like you. Working with bands on unique projects directly in relation with Flower Children or not is something I am already thinking about. Hopefully this will happen soon!

What advice would you offer to people looking to start their own clothing line?

The market is near saturated at the moment but there is always space for new entrepreneurs in my opinion. Try to think of something different. Create a concept you believe in that will make you stand out of the crowd. I think that conceptual lines tend to live longer and are easier to manage on the long run.

Do you have any sales or coupon codes you would like to share with our readers?

I thought the best way to celebrate this IATT interview was to offer your readers ALL of our tees for 15$ from now until Sunday night only, no coupon needed! This low price will not be happening anytime soon so make sure you grab something before midnight(EST), April 3rd! We also wanted to let people know that we are doing a Spring sale: type tees will be 15$, conceptual tees will be 20$ and hoodies 25$ for the whole April month!

Any last minute shout outs or announcements you would like to make?

We are working on some new exciting illustrations with Derek Deal and other great designers so keep your eyes open for a summer release! I suggest you like us on Facebook for a chance to win a Free shirt regularly and stay informed about the preorder deals coming soon!

Thanks to I Am The Trend and Adam for this interview!

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