Tee Madness 2011 Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

In case you haven’t hear yet we have a new Tee Madness Champion! Boston based Regan Smith Clarke whom seemed to be a dark-horse favorite has bested 64 indie clothing companies to claim the crown. Their path to the crown was not an easy one in which they were matched up against heavyweights such as 8 Bit Zombie, Lab Candy, Yema Yema and of course the runners up Ruckus Apparel.

For winning Tee Madness Regan Smith Clarke will take home a $250 screen printing credit from Threadbird, $100 credit for sticker printed with Stickermule and of of course the Grand Prize a lifetime Titanium level Big Cartel Subscription!

Other Winners:
1st Place: Regan Smith Clarke
2nd Place: Ruckus Apparel
3rd/4th Place: 8 Bit Zombie, Cavata
5th,6th,7th,8th Place: Miles to Go, Monsieur Eureka, Dusty Lumber, Yema Yema

Most Votes In One Round: Miles To Go

I also want to give huge shout outs to Draw LTD and Cavata for going above and beyond with their creativity while promoting. Draw LTD created some amazing drawn posters to help promote their matchups and Tee Madness, which can be seen HERE. And Lori from Cavata used her musical talent to write some killer jams to help promote her matchups and Tee Madness which can be seen HERE

On behalf of all the clothing brands and sponsors the biggest THANK YOU goes to all the fans that came and voted for their favorite brands! We all hope you guys had fun supporting and didn’t get to annoyed with all the Tee Madness spamming going down! ha!

Lastly another huge thanks to the sponsors: BigCartel, Stickermule, Threadbird, Blue Tide Productions for helping make the 2nd Annual Tee Madness a possibility!

Hope to see you all back next year for more T-Shirty Goodness!

If you have any suggestions for next years competition please feel free to leave them in the comments below!