Introducing Gearbottle, The Mapquest For Streetwear!

To easily sum it up helps you quickly and easily find local streetwear and sneaker shops in your local area. The site is beyond easy to use, just enter your city, state or zip code and easily locate some of the coolest shops you have never heard of!

In my area alone I found five new shops that I had no idea existed! While aesthetically the site could use a bit of a face lift the overall function is great and is the perfect companion for anyone streetwear lover!

Check out the site at:

  • Fabian Ullstrom

    This is why it’s better to live in the states. I live in Gävle, Sweden and made a search in my hometown. Only one store showed up and it was located in Stockholm. Haha, well I coulden’t expect much more 🙂 Great site all in all though!

  • Super cool idea, too bad my small ass town doesn’t have any good street wear stores haha Just tons of skate shops.

  • haha, Well Sweden has some pretty awesome stuff as well. After all they gave us IKEA right?! lol

  • Fabian Ullstrom

    Haha, yeah I must say we’re guilty for all the vikingtees out there also! 😉

  • I SO love this!