Tee Madness Bracket Challenge Is Now Open!

From now until Sunday March 12th at NOON CST, you can submit your predictions for who will win this year’s Tee Madness Competition!

To enter simply fill out the brackets HERE picking whichever Tee Company you think will win each match up. The top 4 people to get the most selections correct will win tees from FullBleed.

Please only fill out ONE bracket. If you submit more than ONE bracket you will be disqualified.

Prizes Provided by FullBleed:
1st Place: 4 Tees of your choice
2nd Place: 2 Tees of your choice
3rd Place: 1 Tee of your choice
4th Place: 1 Tee of your choice

There are a TON of great companies in this year’s tourney so make sure to check them all out when picking your brackets!

  • bukake king

    This is so not right propping up brands against each other. Theres plenty of money out there where every one is a winner.

  • honesty not sure what you mean. Everyone that participates in this is a winner. Everyone gets a nice bump in traffic as well as getting their brand name out there to a bunch of peeps that might not otherwise know it. Its just basically one huge promo for indie clothing lines!

  • Hopefully I can compete next year!

  • Hey, the brackets link isn’t working, Adam.