6 Tips For Artists Approaching Companies For Work

Since Rethink Clothing only uses college artists, one thing it does is help start careers. I thought I would help you even more. You may be an awesome graphic artist and the cock of the art walk, but if your email pitching yourself to me sucks, no dice. I get quite a few emails a day looking from people looking to be the next artist for Rethink. I get a good majority of them are horrible, some are awesome and some are mediocre. People send me some really bad emails and I don’t ever do anything with them solely because I don’t have the time to hunt down their portfolio or they show lack of knowledge in my brand. Beyond those reasons my first impression of you as a worker is in that email and if you show that your not going to go that extra mile right away that’s a bad first impression. So, if you want to learn how to approach companies and land those design jobs listen up!

Show genuine interest
This is a lesson not only good for artists, but for anyone seeking a job. When emailing a company don’t just spam me with your form letter saying your an artist and want to work with me. Take the time to show me you know about my brand I mean at least try! It’s nice to know you’ve invested some time in knowing my brand and can show some connection to it. For me two things usually work well. One is saying you like whatever current shirt and why. Two, is how your personal style fits. JUST TRY. Just show some interest in a genuine way.

Make sure your style fits
Following the first point of showing interest, part of that interest should be to know my brands aesthetic. For me that’s a little odd since Rethink deals in a variety of styles and all, but for some brands it should be dead obvious. For me if I get an email from an artist and follow a link (WHICH I HATE) that leads me to a gore artist, I instantly delete that email.

Show me something
Come out swinging. My favorite thing to do when we used to box for fun was to at GO, just take a huge step and instantly throw punches. I hate those slow draws where people dance. Enough of the boxing talk. What I am saying is this, don’t make me follow a link to your portfolio, show me some of your work that fits my brands style. But if your too lazy for that the link is good, some people don’t even do that.

Past Work
I know not everyone has a working history with clothing companies. If you do LET ME KNOW. Designing for apparel is an art all its own and showing you know how to design for print, know the proper dimensions, DPI etc. is a big deal. For me it means I won’t have to carry an artist and help them through, which I don’t have time for.

Get Social
One of the first things I do everyday is not check my email, but jump on twitter/FB to see any comments/messages. Beyond just being first in my routine, getting social and posting on facebook or tweeting me is a great way to show interest and value. Beyond getting that extra sense that you care, you’re also showing me that your connected and that means something to a small business who looks at every way to market.

Let me know you have an idea
I don’t always have to like them, but they show me your thinking and where your head is. Artists who can come up with ideas are a huge asset to me and would be to any company.

Those are just some easy and simple tips to get my attention and any small business for that matter. I’m not saying these will get you chosen for work that’s your art and work ethics job, but you will position yourself above the people who send shit emails. I will end with a simple why listen to this guy statement. Running a clothing line for 4 years now, working with multiple artists, choosing these artists, dealing with multiple emails per day about artists and most importantly I am the type of person who you will be emailing.

Hope that helps,

Rethink Clothing