The Color Morale – My Devil In Your Eyes Review

Chicago Christian Metal-Core outfit The Color Morale are back with their sophomore offering titled “My Devil In Your Eyes”. Immediately upon listening to the album one thing is for sure these guys have remained true to their original sound. In a climate where it seems bands have no problem selling out and jumping on the latest bandwagon, writing generic choruses and overproduced garbage *I See Stars, Im looking at you* The Color Morale has decided to just simply step up their game.

Overall the band have definitely matured since “We All Have Demons”. Everything on the new album sounds tighter, louder, cleaner and just plain better than on their debut. The guitar and drum work has also taken a step up, delivering some brutal rhythms, killer fills and fantastic song writing.

Something that also really stood out to me is how much lead singer Garret Rapp stepped up his game. Both his clean and screaming vocals just sound plain awesome. With the release of My Devil In Your Eyes, I really see Garret taking the step up into the pack of elite vocalists in the genre.

Overall I see “My Devil In Your Eyes” as a step forward for TCM and really makes them shine against other bands in the same genre. If you were a fan of their debut make sure you rush out and grab this disc. And if you haven’t heard The Color Morale yet and are in search of some ass-kicking music, the new disc also deserves your attention.

Score: 4/5
Stand Out Tracks: Walkers, They Dying Hymn

My Devil In Your Eyes Track Listing:
1. Nerve Endings
2. Human(s)being
3. The Dying Hymn
4. Be Longing Always
5. Walkers
6. Demon Teeth
7. Falling Awake
8. Quote on Quote
9. This Last Song is Yours
10. Fill;Avoid

  • pabzlol

    I laughed when you pointed out I see stars selling themselves out, Nice review!

  • thanks a lot. yeah the new ISS is just pure awfulness