Pong Deck Beer Pong Game Just Featured On NBC New York!

For those of you whom do not know, aside from Iamthetrend I co-own a company called I Will Pong You. Our flagship product is called Pong Deck and is basically a deck of beer-proof cards that spices up and round of beer pong! Basically the deck adds in action cards such as no look shots and hook shots along with drinking cards, lose a turn cards and more. Basic mission to make beer pong even more fun!

We just received word that Pong Deck was featured on NBC New York by the guys from Thrillist.com Check out the video below!

Also to celebrate we are offering Pong Deck with Free Shipping now through the end of the week! They can be bought at PongDeck.com for only $10

View more videos at: http://www.nbcnewyork.com.